Seize the Media

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This exhibition was put together by Activist Media Project (AMP) which is an associated project of MayDay Rooms. AMP is an archive of activist media in audio, video, photographs, pamphlets and graphics. It is also an online platform where media can be stored, annotated, sorted and re-presented to support social and environmental justice movements. The objective of AMP is to preserve activist media away from commercial platforms and facilitate various processes for individuals and groups to collaborate on; shared readings of histories and explore past, present and future campaigns.

In a time where much of legacy media is owned by billionaires and social media channels (also owned by billionaires) are driven by algorithms designed to optimise advertising revenue, it is important to preserve and showcase histories of alternative media structures that were truly in the hands of the people. So if you were inspired by the exhibition, we invite you to explore the AMP archive, where you will find many other videos, pictures and documents, the website associated with Indymedia which showcases a feisty alternative to today's media swamp.